The Circular Business Model Ensures a Close Connection

among Dapp Developers, Mediums and Dapp Users


DAppLinks Exchange

As the core component of DAppLinks, DAppLinks Exchange settles all payments involved. All settlements such as promotional expense and incentive bonus will be publicly displayed on block chains for all users.


DAppLinks SDK

DappLinks SDK helps all mediums to connect with DApps and also enables DApps to attach to various decentralized Wallets



The self-developed DAppExplorer, exclusive to DAppLinks, enables users to open Dapps directly on all sorts of mediums with a simple authorization of the decentralized Wallet.

DAppLinks -Link Dapps to All

Refining the Blockchain Ecosystem; Advancing an all-win cooperation


User experience: Safe and Sound

Once connected to the DAppLinks SDK, DApps developers can have the access to all the built-in Wallets without worrying about importing private keys or the management of them.


Improve Targeted Promotion with One Simple Click

Once connected with DAppLinks SDK and DApp Explorer, Dapps can be directly opened and used in any Website or App. DApp developers can also publicize their DApps on all platforms with one simple click, saving huge cost and time for prolonged negotiations.


Allowing Complete Transparency

Contracts on blockcains will be signed to strengthen the cooperation among CPS, CPA and DApp developers. Smart contracts enable all stakeholders to view contracts, settlements and instant changes publicly as all activities are recorded with block chain ledger. The complete transparency builds up trust and stimulates further cooperation.

Strategic Partnership

Other Cooperations

  • 伙伴一
  • 伙伴二
  • 伙伴三
  • 伙伴四
  • 伙伴五
  • 伙伴六
  • 伙伴七
  • 伙伴八
  • 伙伴九
  • 伙伴十
  • 伙伴十一
  • 伙伴十二
  • 伙伴十三
  • 伙伴十四
  • 伙伴十五